Friday, April 19, 2002

fill in the blanks the the follwing quotes, one word per line:

"the leader is good the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date" (hint: this was a chant)

"can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats thirty-five....Canyanero!" (hint: the first word is a food, the second a number)

Difficulty: medium
Points Possible: 4 (2 points per quote, if you can answer one still email me)
Date Answered: 5/3/2002
Correctly Answered By: Steph Chan and David "Big Dog" Krause


Bart buys what for one dollar at an auction? (hard difficulty; 3 points)

a warehouse, milhouse is the security guard when the place crashes to the ground

Who does Homer try and sell Stampy to? (hard difficulty; 3 points)


this is the first post on the simpsons trivia page, I gotta work on it a bit, but hopefully it will be up and running in a short while

the above posts were previous trivias from now on the date on the post will be the date that I actually posted it...still working on the page though, hopefull I will get the list up and everything linked soon